The Mini Break

Yay, I booked a nice hotel with a special voucher for my husband and myself. It’s his birthday present. We’ll go to a county called Drenthe and we intend to hike and bike a lot while we’re there.

The voucher works as follows. You book a hotel and you’re staying there for free. The only catch is you have to pay for breakfast and dinner at the hotel you’re staying. However, you already know how much that will cost you, because it’s advertised on their website. In our case we’ll pay €15 for breakfast (always a buffet with plenty of nice food) per person and €35 for dinner (4 course surprise meal) per person. Of course, these are overpriced…but that’s how they can still make money on these deals. If we’d just pay for a hotel room and purchase our own breakfasts and dinners it’ll cost more in total. During dinner you have to buy your drinks as well. We make sure we have one or two drinks during dinner and that’s it. We have made use of this deal quite a number of times and we’re very content with it.

We’ll stay there for three nights in total and including taxes and booking fee it has cost me €347 (excluding drinks). However, the experience will probably be priceless. We usually find a cheap place to eat for lunch or make sure we pack our own every day.

You can buy these vouchers for €40. However, there are many people who get these vouchers as a present or win them or whatever. Then they don’t use the voucher and put it up for sale. I always manage to buy one online for only €5.

We’re thinking of heading for a friend’s house after that for another two nights where we can stay for free and visit the zoo and other cool places in the vicinity. Don’t worry, the friend stays over at our place very often so it’s not like we’re taking advantage of the situation.

I’m looking forward to our reasonably frugal mini break.


Mrs EconoWiser


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