Second-Hand Maternity Shopping

Mrs EconoWiser worked her online second-hand shopping magic again! The belly is starting to grow rapidly and some of my normal clothes don’t fit anymore.

I bought a collection of maternity clothes in one lot. Apparently, that’s what some women like to offer on our version of Craigslist. The set I bought contained over 50 (!!!) pieces of clothing and cost me €100. So that’s less than €2 per item. There are some wonderful dresses, tops, skirts and bottoms in there that all fit me perfectly and will be able to get me through this autumn, winter and the first bit of spring they’ll be needed. Yay! Most of it is also my style (I’ll still wear the stuff that isn’t exactly my style) and I am so very happy with this purchase.

However, there were two items missing from my perspective. I wanted an autumn/spring coat and a winter coat. I went to the shops and decided I wasn’t going to pay €90 for a maternity coat, let alone purchase two. The husband sighed and asked whether I sometimes didn’t find this whole saving thing daunting. Errr….no…it’s a challenge! And since there are many women who have been pregnant before me there must be heaps of coats to choose from I gathered. Plus, I really enjoy the online hunt for things that I’m after.

I found my autumn/spring coat for €7 and it looks exactly like this one:

And my nice, warm and comfortable winter coat cost me €10 and looks exactly like this one:

You can’t go wrong with wearing black, now can you? 😉

My wardrobe (there’s more colour in there) is now complete for my growing belly and I did it in a frugal and ecofriendly manner. Love it!

Would you have done the same? Would you like me to post pictures of the different pieces of clothing that were in the lot?


Mrs EconoWiser


8 thoughts on “Second-Hand Maternity Shopping

    1. econowiser Post author

      Helaas nog niet, maar het zou een beetje gek zijn om die fiscale klem niet op te heffen of in elk geval aan te passen. De overheid ziet dat wel zitten volgens een impact assessment, alleen het verbond van verzekeraars ziet het niet zitten. Tja… Ik heb dus nog steeds alle hoop dat er wat aan gedaan gaat worden.

    2. econowiser Post author

      Net met Vereniging Eigen Huis gebeld. Zij zijn TEGEN het laten vervallen van de fiscale klem (!!!) om de zwakkere groepen tegen zichzelf te beschermen. Boehoeh!


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