Today’s The Hubby’s Birthday

I sang him a happy birthday song this morning, made him breakfast and put up garlands. It’s fun to come down in the morning and see the decorations, isn’t it? Even if you’ve turned 35, right?!

I didn’t buy the husband anything. He just wanted to do something fun with me. So we’re going on a mini break in October. Somewhere nice and quiet where we can hike. I’ll go look for a good deal.

I just love the fact that he doesn’t want me to buy him something materialistic for his birthday but that he just wants quality time with me.


Mrs EconoWiser


4 thoughts on “Today’s The Hubby’s Birthday

  1. Valhalla

    Wij doen hier ook niet aan verjaardagen. Heb geen materiele wensen… en de manlief koopt zn eigen rotzooi wel…. Gelijk heb je, nog een keer echt samen weg 🙂 Herinner me ook weekend Berlijn nog heel goed, 33 weken zwanger maar het was super!


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