The Budget Cuts

The Dutch government needs to cut their budget drastically for next year. Their plans will be presented on the third Tuesday of September. Our King and Queen will ride out in their golden carriage and the King will address the public with his maiden speech. They don’t have any say in the eventual plans (we think). It’s more of a ceremonial thing.

These plans aren’t supposed to “leak” but some parts already have. Every adult in the Netherlands will lose what would be translated as a general tax levy break. Up till now €2.000 per person per year would not be taxed. We’ll all lose this benefit. This tax break would have been lifted in 2024 anyway…

Furthermore, child allowances will be cut. Every parent would receive a certain amount of money per child each quarter in order to buy essential things for them. This will be a blow for people with lower incomes. Since we’re having our first kid in March of 2014 we won’t know what we’d “be missing”.

Municipalities will also receive a lot less budget to make do with. The Dutch fear that local authorities will therefore increase their taxes. This will differ per town, village or district.

Bottom line is that everyone in The Netherlands will feel the effects of “the crisis” that has been going on since 2008.

How is your country faring?


Mrs EconoWiser


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