Our Surprising August Numbers

The husband went to a stag party yesterday and didn’t come out of bed until just now. My numbers and the joint numbers were already processed this morning. I’m an early bird. As soon as he sat behind his computer I started pestering him about the numbers. I got them rather quickly. šŸ˜‰

It’s the first of September 2013 and this is how we did in August.
Mortgage: 30.49%
Emergency fund: 103.19%Ā (turns out we were able to fill up the stash pile this month already!)
Stash: 3.85%Ā (Refilling our emergency fund AND increasing the stash = great!)
Income to spending ratio this month: 57%Ā (I was SURPRISED! In August we went to a festival, on frugal holiday (that must have helped…but still), went out to eat a couple of times and the husband joined an expensive stag party)
Income to spending ratio this year: 65%Ā (I actually expected this number to have gone up…but it didn’t, yay!)

We. Are. Surprised. To say the least…

Even though we spent money on a frugal holiday, a music festival, a couple of restaurant dinners and an expensive stag party we managed to only spend 57% of our income. Okay, we’re seriously going to have to ponder over these findings. I’m already thinking towards the idea of only spending 60% of our income per year and thus saving/investing/making extra mortgage payments with the 40% that’s left. Our goal for this year was 70%. We’re so going to reach that goal! Imagine in what timespan we could retire early if we’d really cut out those restaurant dinners (which I am totally in favour of…but the husband loves them) and other extras we could do without?!

However, with a kid on the way…would 60% be realistic? I have no freakin’ idea.

How did you do?


Mrs EconoWiser


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