They’ll Make The Right Decision…Yes They Will!

A couple of weeks from now our government will present the plans for 2014. We know they’ll cut the budget with 6 billion. My husband and myself already know that we’re going to get screwed somehow. But let’s keep things positive. They also think the total amount of outstanding mortgage debt is way too high and they’re thinking of plans to make people pay things off. No, not the logical way. That would be too easy. They will allow parents to give their kids up to €100.000 tax free in order to pay off part of their mortgage or in order to rebuild part of their homes.

If, theoretically, either of our parents would want to donate that amount of money to us…it would be useless. I have tried to explain it before and I’ll mention it again: we’re stuck with a weird type of mortgage that only allows you to pay off things within a certain bandwidth. So even if they would be willing to give us the money (which I would find a totally ridiculous thing for them to do, we can take care of ourselves thank you very much but how do say that nicely?) we wouldn’t be able to pay off a huge chunk of our house with it.

Now, I am hoping that they’ll get rid of these ridiculous tax rules that come with our type of mortgage. If they’ll do that, you know what we’re going to do…right?!

Oh……I am wishing away here! If only…. Well, we’ll know in three weeks.


Mrs EconoWiser


3 thoughts on “They’ll Make The Right Decision…Yes They Will!

  1. Valhalla

    Well someone will leak the plans before the 3rd tuesday in september, it is a tradition now isn’t it?

    Whatever they come up with, it will not help you, or me. It will be a gesture, something so they can say well, but we did x then so blah blah blah can’t blame me and still can’t blame me cuz now I work for big oil/big pharma/big food/oil company.

    And for those who could use it, they usually do not have the ”loaded” parents.

    We also have this weird mortgage 😉 Have to get rid of it. Somehow.

    1. econowiser Post author

      Seriously, I thought you had this cool interest-only mortgage so you were able to pay things off. Damn….

      I’m still hoping for the best….according to some surveys I read there weren’t any major problems to be expected by lifting the tax rules.

      Fingers crossed!

      1. Valhalla

        Still 88.000 interest only, 154.000 weird saving thingie 😮

        They should just skip all the silly rules and make people able to pay off their mortgages, since they are all complaining that that is our biggest problem. But I am afraid they are not that smart in The Hague…

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