Festival Fun

What a wonder festival that was! I saw lots of theatre, because there were chairs in that tent. I still feel tired all the time. Turns out there were some great shows. I also laid on the grass a lot, just listening to music. I very much enjoyed this festival.

I already had a quick peek at our bank account. The fact that I didn’t drink any alcoholic beverages (I don’t drink too much anyway) and stuck to free water did wonders for our expenses. The husband didn’t drink too much either. However, food was ridiculously expensive…that’s the case at all these festivals. When we’re at a festival we talk about how much tokens (or equivalent in beers) something costs. You need to buy these tokens in order to buy anything at a festival. One token is €2.60. So a small beer is one token and a large one is one and a half. A pancake is 3 tokens. When you say it like that, it doesn’t hurt that much. Thinking about it now we paid €7.80 for a take away pancake…ouch!

Oh well, we knew this up front and we love going to festivals. We go to a music festival during Easter and this one (LowLands) every year. We think it’s totally worth the money, because we enjoy the experience so much.


Mrs EconoWiser


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