First Part Of Our Frugal Holiday

As you might have noticed I’ve been away for a couple of days. The husband and myself went to this organised hike with a couple of friends. We camped in the garden of one of our friends’ parents. We do this every year. Instead of a camping, we call it a “glamping” since it’s so glamorous. The “grandma” makes us tea and coffee and what not all day. We also prepared our own food in her kitchen, but she insisted she’d take care of most of it. This glamping was free, fun and frugal. Loved it!

Now we’re off to a holiday home on the coast which belongs to acquaintances and we’re not allowed to pay for it even if we wanted to.

After that, we’ll go to LowLands which is a very cool music festival here in The Netherlands. You can’t bring your own food and drinks along, so this one’s going to be pricey. We go to this festival ever year and we thoroughly enjoy it. No need to pinch pennies during those couple of days! However, we are bringing our camelbaks to make sure we drink enough water. So, a little bit of frugality there.

I’m loving our frugal holiday!


Mrs EconoWiser


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