Colourful Weekend

This Friday we headed for our beautiful capital Amsterdam. We stayed the night with a friend who owns an apartment at the Prinsengracht which is down town. A hotel room in this area will easily go for around €100 a night. We always buy her a gift whenever we stay with her. Something she really likes. We didn’t spend a lot of time with her, we also met up with other friends. I’d feel very uncomfortable if we didn’t compensate her in some way for her efforts. She always gives up her own bed for us and stays in the spare bedroom herself. She insists. And she makes us breakfast plus we can eat whatever we want.

To make a long story short, she really wanted a rainbow flag. So Saturday morning we went out on our bikes and got one. Yeah, we went there by train (2 for 1 deal!) and we rented bikes with our special bike rental card. We can rent bikes on any Dutch railway station with that card for about €2.50 a day, I think. Anyway, getting off topic here. We celebrated Gay Pride yesterday and it was so much fun. On the first Saturday of August there’s this canal boat parade in Amsterdam with lots of colourful people in order to promote gay awareness. Even the military, police and famous soccer players each decorate a boat and have people dancing on them.

Here’s a cool picture (there were about 80 different boats):

Personally, I seriously can’t understand why people feel offended or outraged about gay people in this world. And I sure as hell don’t understand why one would want to oppose gay marriage. If only one looks at the financial aspect of it. In a country where gay people are not allowed to get married they’ll have so many financial disadvantages compared to straight people when it comes to income tax, insurance and inheritance. It’s pure discrimination when gay people have to pay more taxes when they inherit from their partner just because they weren’t able to get married.

I am very proud to be Dutch and the fact that our country was one of the first that allowed gay marriage.


Mrs EconoWiser


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