Restaurant Week

Here in the Netherlands there’s a thing called Restaurant Week. During that week (actually, about ten days) certain restaurants offer a night out with a three-course menu for only €27.50. We received a special invitation from this company to subscribe earlier. Officially people can subscribe as of tomorrow. Restaurants do this in order to have people discover their restaurant and gain publicity that way. We made a short list of nice restaurants in our town by reading lots of reviews. In the end we picked an Italian restaurant and a trendy one.

We decided to treat ourselves and we’ve signed up for two Friday nights. We’re going to visit two restaurants we’ve never been before. It’s a sort of nice treat at the end of summer since it’s during the last week of August. Plus, we hardly ever go to restaurants anymore. Normally we’d spend at least €50 to €60 per person on a night out and that’s just not worth it. For €55 for the two of us we’d like to give it another go. Drinks are not included, but as I’m pregnant that won’t be too expensive either! I’m very curious as to whether I’ll enjoy the experience. I was really fed up with going to restaurants at one point…

Would you do such a thing?


Mrs EconoWiser


5 thoughts on “Restaurant Week

  1. Arianne

    I don’t think I would have made use of this offer. It is not much cheaper than you normally would have paid (€55,- instead of normally €50,- to €65,-) and I think I would rather be free to decide to go or not go at the last minute. Sometimes I plan to go out for a meal on Friday or Saturday, and when the day is there I just prefer to be at home (with a home made pizza on the couch 😛 )

    1. econowiser Post author

      Yeah, that’s my feeling in general as well. The husband would really like to eat out more often. He’s always about tasting new things….but I find it too expensive and most of the time not worth it. He was really enthusiastic about this thing…marriage is about making compromises, isn’t it? 😉

  2. Valhalla

    It has been aaaages ago since we were in a restaurant together. Well, actually it was three years and two days ago, on our fifth wedding anniversary. Sometimes my parents take us to dinner, but for the amount of money we spend, we can buy biological fresh groceries for almost a week. I rather spend the money on some good quality meat or something…. But actually, I would love to go to a restaurant with DH again. Without the kids, just the two of us, no cooking or dishes…. So enjoy!!! 😀


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