How Much Do You Spend On Clothing?

According to this article the Dutch are economizing on clothing expenses. They’re spending €53 a month LESS on clothing. The article doesn’t state how much people spend on clothes each month on average. Jeez,

I had a look at my excel sheet and it turns out that on average we spent about €45 each on clothing per month during the first six months of this year.  Mind you, this is including sports gear, undies, shoes, second-hand clothing…the whole shebang. That’s €8 less than what “regular people” have cut back on their spending! How much was the original number? Probably more than €100 per person.

This year my husband bought a new snowboard jacket which he also uses as his winter coat. It was on sale for €119 and he bought a new pair of snowboard pants at €99. That’s already a big chunk of our total clothing expense this year which is €540.48 up till now between the two of us! I think we’re doing a rather good job in this department.

New clothes are rather expensive here in The Netherlands compared to some countries outside Europe. We usually shop for new clothes in January and August when everything’s on sale. My husband isn’t into second-hand, however I am.

How much do you spend on clothing?


Mrs EconoWiser


5 thoughts on “How Much Do You Spend On Clothing?

  1. rebekkastarfish

    Wow, why on earth would someone need clothes for over 100€ per month? Even if they buy fairtrade clothes this sounds like a lot on the long run. What a pile of clothes they must have! I guess I spend about 200 € per year on clothes/shoes, maybe even far less. This year I will spend a lot more though (wedding dress, and I will need good boots and a thick coat if I really get to move to Denmark for a term in the middle of winter). I like buying good jeans secondhand, because this way I spend less money on them than I would spend on a new pair of crappy jeans which will break after two years. And even some of my store bought clothes are more than five years old and will see at least another two, while the newer clothes have to replaced much earlier!

      1. rebekkastarfish

        That’s true, keeping up with your peers and the celebrities would be quite costly. But to be honest, most years/seasons I look at the current fashion and think, no way I could be wearing or wanting this, such ugly colours and fabrics and cuts! I think a more classic/timeliess wardrobe with some special items making for a personal fitting style is the best way to keep in budget and look nice all year round. Oh, and being a thrifty student living on student loan in a big, expensive city can also do wonders to keep the incoming flood of clothes at bay 😉 When I travel I buy some special clothes or accessoires as memories, for example I got this nice summerdress from an Indian shop on Sansibar, so I don’t need a lot of expensive souvenirs AND get some pretty personal style items without paying a lot.

      2. econowiser Post author

        That’s a cute dress! I have my personal style as well…and I like to think it’s rather timeless…not classic however 😉

  2. daantje

    Ik geef bij voorkeur zo min mogelijk uit aan kleding, maar ik ben wel een jurkjes-verslaafde! Nu met de zwangerschap pas ik alleen die jurkjes van de prenatal en voorlopig koop ik er dus even niks nieuws bij 😉 Maar in het begin was het wel even een investering al die zwangerschapskleding!!


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