My Daily Donation

Earlier this week I decided to help other women get pregnant. How? Yesterday a Mothers For Mothers representative came by and explained the whole thing. She also left all the stuff I need. See, I’m pregnant and I have the HCG hormone in my pee. Yep, that’s right. Apparently, it’s like this goldmine for women who can’t get pregnant easily. Every time I pee at home, I pee in a cup and then decant that into a special container. I have eight containers that fit into two crates. Every Thursday I can leave the crates outside, a driver will come pick them up and will leave two new ones for me to use. They make things extremely easy for the woman donating her pee. Unfortunately, there aren’t enough women donating these days. I’ll try to motivate people in the neighbourhood as soon as I’ve passed the twelve-week mark. Until then, I don’t want everybody to know I’m pregnant because things could still go wrong. Oh, one can donate until one’s sixteen weeks pregnant. So my last donation will be on 3 October if everything goes according to plan.

Would you donate your pee or motivate your wife in order to help other women get pregnant?


Mrs EconoWiser


20 thoughts on “My Daily Donation

  1. spaarolifantje

    I wonder whether other people will see those crates standing outside your door on Thursday and know what it’s all about? Even when you’re trying to keep it a secret?

    1. econowiser Post author

      Yeah, I thought about that too. But then I thought about me almost having to rely on those medicines in order to get pregnant…and I would have been very happy that other women risked their secret becoming public so that I could have a baby. I’m living life on the edge! 😉

      1. rebekkastarfish

        don’t know, but I guess either there are laws against it, or the crazy people here would destroy/steal the containers for fun (heck, they throw sandwiches and coconuts out of their windows, and steal stinky running shoes). but as I’m not planning to get pregnant very soon finding out about this will have time.

  2. Valhalla

    I was in doubt to do it too, but then I heard it was also used to make weightloss-pills ect. and I deceided not to do it, even thought moeders-for-moeders is okay for as far as I know…. Maybe if I ever get pregnant again, I’ll do it too. But you do believe you are pregnant now I guess? 😀

      1. Alynia

        It is. Unfortunately, they cannot stop those doctors to give it out for the wrong reasons. I hope they will be able to in the near future.

    1. econowiser Post author

      Mothers for mothers is very much against making weightloss pills with the hormone. They state that on their website and on every brochure. The representative also told me that it’s a persistent rumour they can’t get rid of. Yes, in some South American countries they use it for weightloss pills. However, the information from mothers for mothers sounds legit.
      Yep, I had my first ultra sound this Wednesday. I lost a little bit of blood and got scared. There was definitely a pregnancy there. We couldn’t see a heart beating though, it was probably too early for that. I’m almost seven weeks now (it should be almost 8, but because of my late ovulation I’m a week behind). Next week Wednesday we’ll have another ultra sound at the fertility clinic. And next week Friday another one at the midwife’s. We’re going to tell our parents this weekend.

  3. daantje

    Sorry hoor, mijn begrijpend lezen engels is prima, maar zelf schrijven niet zo :$ Maar geweldig dat je meedoet aan MvM, ik hoop dat je het volhoudt tot de 16 weken. Is mij niet gelukt, ik werd op een gegeven moment zo misselijk van die geur! BRR!!

    Maar het maakt het wel superecht he, als je gaat doneren 😀

    1. econowiser Post author

      Ha Daantje, geeft niks! Ik adem inderdaad niet door mijn neus als ik overgiet, hihi! Ja, het wordt ineens echt. Ik moest wel even slikken toen ik het babybadkleedje kreeg. Goh, het eerste gebruiksartikel voor onze BABY! Hoe ver ben jij?

  4. Valhalla

    Had dat ook bij de derde, geen idee hoe lang ik zwanger was (de maand ervoor MAP gebruikt). Bleek iets van 7 – 8 weken maar bij uitwendig kon ze geen 100 procent zekerheid geven. Met een inwendige echo wel gelukkig. Zag een miniklein blinkend dinges, wat Sophia haar hartje was. Lief! Hoop dat je volgende keer meer weet waar je aan toe bent, altijd leuk een datum om naar toe te leven!

    Lig je al voor pampus op de bank tegen achten, of valt dat nog mee?

    1. econowiser Post author

      Hihi, volgens mijn berekening ben ik elke maandag een week verder dus aanstaande maandag 7 weken. En volgens datzelfde principe zou ik dan rond 21 maart moeten werpen. Als ik wel op dag 14 een eisprong had gehad was het nu 8 weken, maar ja, een eisprong rond dag 21 betekent niet dat ‘t wurm dan ineens aan een groeispurt doet.
      Ik ben doodop! Het is vakantie en ik ga in de middag even plat en ‘s avonds ben ik niet meer in staat iets nuttigs te doen. Ik wist niet dat broeden zo vermoeiend was!


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