Indoor Skiing

Yesterday was our second visit to the indoor skiing venue in the south of The Netherlands. We absolutely love, love, looooooove our two month very cheap membership so we can practise our skills.

However, we don’t love the cafe that comes with the venue. So we bring our own snacks, drinks and lunch. We’ve also seen other people do this, so it’s not that strange. Plus, we’re probably keep on going here at least once a week this summer and since we wouldn’t enjoy sitting in the cafe (steep prices and lots of deep-fried food) we’re much better off doing it this frugal way.

Would you bring your own food and drinks as well?


Mrs EconoWiser


4 thoughts on “Indoor Skiing

  1. Wim

    Easy one….small children with us with their ‘own’ eating habits…like “hypoallergenic diet” although they are very healthy and can eat whatever they like.

  2. Iforonwy

    Provided the cafe does not have those signs that warn -Only food purchased here to be consumed on these premises – then yes.
    DH and I always take a flask of coffee, bottles of water and a few snacks or even a pile of sandwiches with us when we travel. We say you can always spot a pensioner – the ones with the vacuum flask!


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