Anti-Consumer Fit

So, yesterday I went into town because I had to run some errands. The weekly market was on and since it’s a school holiday the city centre was packed. I couldn’t immediately find what I was looking for, went through a couple of stores and then it happened…

All of a sudden I felt like an alien, I choked and experienced some form of dizziness. All those people tame sheep strolling from one market stall or shop to the other picking up random items on their way. Everywhere I saw “trends” and “must-haves” and I felt a bit sick. WTF are we doing to ourselves?

Needless to say I got fed up with the whole errand-thing and I headed home as soon as I found the items I really didn’t want to leave without. I couldn’t be bothered about two other items on my list.

Have you ever experienced something like this?

Am I weird?! 😉


Mrs EconoWiser


8 thoughts on “Anti-Consumer Fit

  1. Wim

    I am a guy so shopping is really not exciting for me…..first 6 months spend on cloting this year 171,33 Euro on average each month (family of 4). Sometimes we get clothes for our children for free! Because friends of our children have so many clothes they don’t wear out…..and our family appears to look ‘poor’ enough to receive these clothes for free 🙂

    1. econowiser Post author

      I also take clothes if offered for free and they fit properly. However, I haven’t been offered that many clothes. I’ll definitely try and find free clothes in case we ever have kids. Especially those first few years, they’ll just get dirty anyways!

  2. Valhalla

    Last friday I had to go to the city for new glasses. Had not been there for 1,5 years. I saw all those people with their hollow eyes, shopping for another must have piece of crappy clothing, make up, a new phone… I can’t believe that is what people like to do on fridaynights…

    I never spend money on childrens clothing… All baby’s and my sons clothes were donations, and my parents buy so much for the big little girl I never have to buy things myself, besides underwear ect. We try to avoid shopping or doing groceries, I order most online and the big things (catfood, beer ect) my husband picks up at lidl, when he passes it on the way home anyway.


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