Second Wedding Anniversary

Today’s our second wedding anniversary. Yay! Guess what we’re giving each other? That’s right, another extra mortgage payment. Bricks and mortar are very romantic, didn’t you know?! Our emergency fund has grown over the past month even with the extra mortgage payments. So the hubby thought it would be a wise idea to give ourselves this present and extract the money from our emergency fund (which is more than sufficient).

And how are we going to celebrate this event today? We’re not going to go to some fancy restaurant. No, we’ll have cheese fondue at home and have some Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough. Yummie! Oh, and we’ll watch our marriage video. Yeah…we’re “that kind of couple”. 😉

Have a lovely day!


Mrs EconoWiser


8 thoughts on “Second Wedding Anniversary

  1. daantje

    Gefeliciteerd!! 🙂

    Klinkt idd heel romantisch, een extra aflossing… Gaan wij denk ik ook doen over anderhalve maand, als we 1 jaar getrouwd zijn 😉

  2. Valhalla

    Hmmmm you do not even need expensive gifts, flowers and dinners to tell you love each other? Weirdo’s! 😉 Have a great day together, gefeliciteerd!

    1. econowiser Post author

      Haha, you caught me in the act. Yes, I do spend a lot of time behind my computer. I’m multitasking work, the side business and social media. Though I need to cut back on the latter. I have already given up watching TV, which was one of the best choices I ever made. I have to say I am addicted to reading PF blogs…


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