This Is The New Cool Thing…

So, since bikes are like money machines and also have something to do with the fountain of youth plus are the safest form of transportation I’d like to show you my “cool” bike trailer.

biketrailer biketrailerwithgroceries

It’s freakin’ UGLY, isn’t it?! Haha, but I don’t care! Love the fact that I can roll it all the way up to the back door and then unload the groceries. It’s not difficult or super heavy to peddle with one of these tagging along. In case you want one, it’s a Roland Jumbo. I bought it second-hand for €150 and the previous owner only used it about five times. It retails for around €400.

The fun thing is that I am getting positive remarks from people at the supermarket…which I’ll park right in front of..cuz I can!

Oh, and was this worth it? €150 could grow into €324 in ten years and it was TOTALLY worth spending that amount of money on. I mean…the amount of money it will save us is just ridiculous. The new bike (which rocks!) was a good investment…now add the bike trailer. It’s like our very own money-makin’ towing machine, now we’re talkin’ some serious shit! 😉

Guess I have now joined the early adapters?

Do you have a bike trailer yet?


Mrs EconoWiser


5 thoughts on “This Is The New Cool Thing…

  1. donebyforty

    That’s rad! I still rock the old backpack for grocery trips on the bike, but that’s mostly because my bike doesn’t have spots to attach a rack (or anything else) on the rear.

  2. Wim

    No – just burning diesel fuel….
    The wife bikes whenever she can as well as our children as it makes them strong! (and keeps her petrol car in the garage)


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