It’s Inevitable…You’re Going To Ride A Freakin’ Bike!

It really is going to happen, all you future financially independent peoplez are going to ride bikes! In case you didn’t get the memo, here it is. It’s a cool interview with MMM, jlcollinsnh AND his daughter. Good to know that our future kids are going to be happy about the way we intend to raise them, we’re taking notes!

Besides the bike thing (which is integrated into the keeping costs as low as possible idea) we read about throwing at least 50% of what we’re making into index funds. Oh, and then the coolest part: something about wine (I’m all ears!), sippin’ it and figuring out what to do with your life now you’ve reached the FI status. Oh, what a dilemma?!

Parental side note: make sure you program your kids never to marry a spendalot! That Jessica certainly carries a smart head on her shoulders. She’ll avoid that pitfall. Also, we’re sooooooo going to play “investment” with our kids and their savings (with us being their “investment broker”) as suggested by MMM who has recently started this with his own kid. I hope he’s going to write a nice blog post about it sometime soon.

Where were MMM and jlcollinsnh ten years ago? Well, better late than never. Luckily we caught up in our thirties!


Mrs EconoWiser


4 thoughts on “It’s Inevitable…You’re Going To Ride A Freakin’ Bike!

  1. Valhalla

    Free advice: don’t marry a petrolhead either 😉 Or maybe you should. Depends on the petrolhead. Hmmm..

    I’m going to watch the interview, thanx for the link!

  2. Wim

    Loves rules, love is blind. Your children are their parents’ reflection. If you push them in one direction they tend to go the opposite.


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