Dutch Expert Advises What I Am Already Doing

A while ago I wrote about choosing index funds and choosing the right broker. My conclusion was that I am very happy with Meesman indeed and I also opened an account with SNS Fundcoach. These two are the best and cheapest options in The Netherlands when it comes to index investing. (Please refrain from advising Rabobank in your comments…you have to be a Rabobank customer in order to buy index investments through them and that is very expensive if that’s not the bank you normally do business with)

These two are exactly what a Dutch expert also advises one to do! This Dutch Expert, Erica Verdegaal, I hold in a very high esteem. Now I am very confident about the choices I made and I don’t have to wonder about having made the correct choice anymore. Ahh, index investing is a breeze this way!

Both brokers are extremely reliable, which is something very important that jlcollinsnh has pointed out to me.

So from now on we’ll just keep throwing money at these funds!


Mrs EconoWiser


2 thoughts on “Dutch Expert Advises What I Am Already Doing

  1. Done by Forty

    That’s a good feeling! I’m always happy when I can get some validation from a trusted source.

    Might I ask how you arrived at your asset allocation? My wife and I are index investors, too, but aren’t sure if there’s a good method out there for how you pick between all the myriad portfolio options available.

    1. econowiser Post author

      Hmm…our asset allocation. I’m throwing 20% into Euro bonds and 80% into global stocks. I read about that in a Dutch book. My husband throws 33% into European stocks, 33% into global stocks and 34% into emerging markets. No bonds there…I don’t know how he got to that decision… I plan on following jlcollinsnh’s advice and throw as much as I can into total stock market(ish) funds while I’m still working towards FI. Then I’ll have to really think about asset allocation…


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