The Gift I Gave Myself

I haven’t been a couch potato for the past two or three weeks now. A couple of weeks ago I forbade myself to switch on the TV, install myself on the couch and swap channels every ten seconds in order to finds something “good” on TV…which is hardly ever.

My husband and I have watched movies together (and Game of Thrones, how ’bout that Red Wedding hey?!), though…but that’s different. We choose the movie, watch it and then be done with it. No idle staring at the magic box waiting for it to change our lives…by now we should have learned that it freakin’ won’t…right?!

So, by reprogramming and unlearning myself this time-consuming and mindless habit I have become aware of how much time I have during the evenings. Chores get done, yeah…but most of all books are being read! I have started devouring Robin Hobb’s trilogies as if they’re newspaper articles. We also play a lot of games (Dominion rocks) and sometimes go for a nice walk. These are also the things I find myself doing on Sundays…which feels like practising for FI. So I get the same feeling I get from my amazing Sundays every night of the week! I’m such a lucky bastard! (Or did I create my very own version of heaven by making the right choices?) Oh, and my Saturdays very often feel like my Sundays as well. By the way, Monday is my day off and my Mondays feel like Sundays as well…I guess I have become (almost) stress-free!!! Ah…so THIS AMAZING FEELING is what being FI is all about…not letting anybody or anything (certainly not the dumb TV) control your life.

Wow…this is the best gift I gave myself in a long time!

You should try it too! Would you?


Mrs EconoWiser


4 thoughts on “The Gift I Gave Myself

  1. Valhalla

    Our tv has gone in 2009 I think… And I have never missed it. We watch movies on the laptop now. Or we watch uitzendinggemist. (Gisteren wel een interessante aflevering van Oog in Oog met Ewald Engelen over de euro) But in the evenings, I am almost always behind the computer now, because running around from 7:30 to 22:00 with 3 young kids makes me to tired to do something ”useful”. But that will come back when the youngest starts to have a better sleeping-pattern in the evenings 🙂 But everything is better than watching tv like a zombie!

  2. Done by Forty

    We go back and forth on the idea of our DirecTV subscription. I do feel from time to time that it’s a time suck. On other days, I consider it a fairly good use of our entertainment dollars since our renter pays for 1/3 of the bill. For the cost of a dinner out, we get a month worth of any kind of shows, movies, etc. we could want, pre-recorded and waiting.


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