Sun, Drinks And Frugality

This week I was out and about because for the first time this year the sun was shining in The Netherlands. We thoroughly enjoyed the great weather.

We also had a visitor all the way from Australia this week. He stayed the night and I made him Dutch pancakes. I talked to my husband about taking him to a restaurant and eventually decided against that. That would have cost us a lot of money…since he was our guest we intended to pay for him. After the pancakes, which he loved, we did take him to this special pub down town which offers 250 different types of beer. We picked up the tab and felt good about the whole evening. I don’t think our visitor thought we were being frugal by not taking him to a restaurant first. We had so much fun. As he doesn’t ride a bike very often in Australia we lent him one of ours. Watching a drunken Ozzie ridin’ the Dutch streets was hilarious, I must admit. 😉

Unfortunately, we haven’t received our tax refund yet. Hopefully that will be in before the end of this month so we can slash the amount due on the interest-only mortgage.

Friday we went to the fertility clinic. Let’s just say they had a first peek at my tools and those seemed fine. They’re going to run a lot of tests during my upcoming menstrual cycle in order to find out why I haven’t become pregnant yet. Sorry guys for having to read that shit, I guess it’s a girl thing.

Anyways, today was another fabulous Sunday like last week’s. A couple of chores around the house and a great 22km bike ride around our area. Life sure is GOOD!

Isn’t it?


Mrs EconoWiser


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