Happy Dance!!!

This morning I went through our expenses and earnings in May and put everything in my trusted Excel database. Phew…that was an expensive month!

Our yearly invoice for gas and electrics came in much higher than we had anticipated. Apparently, we are using too much of the stuff. Each month we pay a fixed amount and once a year the balance is calculated. We had to pay almost €450 extra! Also, our car needed servicing and that was another €425. The coving we ordered was €500. And our mini break to Versailles cost about €300 in total.

Then why is this blog post called “Happy Dance!!!”? Well, the hubby told me this morning out of the blue: “Oh, I just wired €1.000 to our mortgage account.” That certainly called for a happy (lap 😉 ) dance!

Because of this extra payment and other extra payments we made throughout May we now own 25.74% of our home!

The emergency fund and our investment portfolio are doing fine.

We have agreed that we’re going to have a frugal June…so let’s see how that will turn out?!


Mrs EconoWiser


6 thoughts on “Happy Dance!!!

  1. Valhalla

    He dat is mooi! 🙂 Wat gaat dat super bij jullie zeg!
    Hier zei de manlief dat zijn verrotte oldtimer vermoedelijk nog eens een groot deel van het vakantiegeld op zal slokken… zucht… Verschil moet er zijn 🙂

  2. Valhalla

    Lastig… hij wil hem het liefste houden maar begint ook wel te snappen dat het budget eindig is en dat alles voor die auto, Noorwegen in de weg staat. Maar ja, hij heeft er zeven jaar aan gewerkt en het ding is op een haar na klaar…. 🙂


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