We “Saved” €3.600 / €5.600

We have finally finished our Ikea customized built-in cupboards project. Actually, my husband and myself didn’t do that much…my father laboured every Wednesday evening for the past two months to get this done. I held some things for him and made sure there was something to drink and eat for him.

Remember I told you about the fact that we have two dormers so that we were able to make two rooms out of our attic? I wanted to efficiently use the sloping part of the room for storage. This is what was made with the Ikea Pax system: (There’s another one in the other room which is the mirror image of this one)

builtincupboard1 builtincupboard2

We actually contacted two carpenters to have these custom made. One charged €2.600 PER CUPBOARD and the other one €3.600 for each one. In total that would have cost us either €5.200 or €7.200. The Ikea version cost us €800 each, making the grand total €1.600. Sure, custom-built cupboards would have looked a bit nicer…but that’s not worth €3.600 or as much as €5.600 nicer!!!

I am extremely happy with the way our cupboards turned out. I guess we’ll take my dad (my mother can come along as well 😉 out to a nice dinner to express our gratitude.

What do you think?


Mrs EconoWiser


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