Versailles, Eurovision and dwindling bank accounts

Versailles was awesome! We visited three castles in total. We started with Versailles. We already bought a ticket but still we had to wait in line for a whole hour just to get in. Not very Mustachian, ‘cuz he doesn’t do waiting in line. Well…this palace was on my wish list and so we stood in line. It was damn well worth the wait. We spent the rest of the day walking around the palace, we visited the gardens, the big Trianon and the small one and last but not least Marie Antoinette’s little hamlet where she could play farmer’s girl.

On Saturday we visited the castle of Rambouillet, which now serves as the French president’s summer home. He wasn’t in, so we were able to visit the castle. It’s also kinda cool that important G7 meetings were held there and other important political things will happen there in the future as well.

On Sunday we visited the castle of Chantilly, which blew us away. It was gorgeous. The son of Louis Philippe rebuilt the castle between 1875 and 1885 to store his art collection. After it was finished he gave it to France on the condition that it should be preserved as it was. Well…there are crazy billionaires throughout the history of the world who just don’t know what to do with their money.

For the first time in nine years The Netherlands are off to the Eurovision finals!!! Our Anouk did a wonderful job and we all feel proud. Eurovision is an annual song festival in which European countries compete against each other for the best song that year.

In the meantime, we have to stop spending money because the bank accounts are dwindling. Luckily, we expect a heap of money to come in at the end of this month.


Mrs EconoWiser


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