My Husband Knows How To Make His Woman Happy

The hubby earns a huge amount of money every month…about 40% more than me (excluding the side business, we don’t count on this thing for our regular expenses). Usually he sends off a nice sum towards his savings account every month (he also buys index funds every month).

Yesterday, when we were riding our bikes to pick up visiting friends he told me that he wasn’t going to send money to his savings account this month but instead throw another €1000 into our mortgage. I was sooooo happy when he told me this…and I am still smiling while typing this. This is just a great “gift”. Seriously, I want my husband to buy me bricks and mortar instead of flowers and trinkets from now on!

It’s great to know that we’re on the same page about our finances. I can imagine things being very difficult when you and your spouse are not.

Do you and your spouse share the same ideas about your money?


Mrs EconoWiser


2 thoughts on “My Husband Knows How To Make His Woman Happy

  1. jlcollinsnh

    Thanks wonderful, and being on the same financial page is critically important.

    My wife and I are, but by pure luck. Back when we was a courtin’ it never occurred to us to discuss it. Big mistake, but the gods must have been watching over us.


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