The Numbers Are In!

Ah, the monthly numbers. I just love to calculate them!

We own almost 25% of our home.
Yup, we own 24.51% of our home. I am sure we’ll own at least 25% of it by the end of this month. See, at the end of this monty I will receive “holiday money” which is a common thing here in The Netherlands. With that amount and the monthly investment in our mortgage we should hit the 25% mark. I guess we’ll celebrate that with a nice bottle of wine!

We spent waaaaaaaay too much in April.
Guilty as charged. Our emergency fund dropped enormously. We bought many Ikea cupboards (will show you our progress in a future blog post), had the frames of our house painted at €700, paid our share in advance for a weekend away with friends (planned end of May), had to buy new tyres for our car (it needs servicing next week, so that’s going to cost a lot as well), had to pay first quarter taxes for my side business, hosted a birthday party and went to music festivals
May is going to be expensive as well. I bought a new bike which I will pay for upon delivery. I will get a tax break from work, which comes down to a 50% discount. We had some coving made to hide ugly electrical wires. This will be delivered in May and will cost us €500. And don’t forget our weekend away with friends, probably we’ll spend some money as we’ll probably eat out a lot, have drinks and party. Oh, and we’re going camping next week during Ascension. We would like to visit Versailles so we’ll probably camp in the vicinity of the palace.

Stocks and bonds.
Are rocking! However, if we want to retire at 50 we should be investing €1000 a month instead of €500 😦

How did April turn out for you?


Mrs EconoWiser


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