I Haven’t Been To The Beautician In Over A Year…

And my skin looks great anyway! Ha!

I decided to do all the scrubbing, plucking, pinching, creaming and what not myself over a year ago. Also, I found a facial cream to suit my needs via a beauty blog that’s much cheaper than the expensive creams I used to buy off the beautician. Besides that I have discovered beauty on a budget tricks like putting honey on your face as a facial mask. Cheap as chips!

This saves me a whopping €1000 a year!

If my skin went bad, I would have gone back to the beautician. Actually, I think my skin has never looked better!

That was some sensible saving and some senseless spending on my part.


Mrs EconoWiser


6 thoughts on “I Haven’t Been To The Beautician In Over A Year…

  1. Alynia

    Same here. I still have more hairs in my face than I used to have, but then, I’m a naturally blonde, and they do not really show until they’re long and thick. I’ve plucked them away long before that.

  2. Iforonwy

    I agree! I had a wonderful complement last week. We were away on holiday, in foreign climes, and someone remarked – “you have skin like a 25 year old!” Well as I will be singing that well known Beatles song on my birthday this year I thought not bad! I think what was meant was that your skin does not look like leather after being so sun damaged through the years.

    I well remember when we were in the 2nd year of high school one of the really popular teachers coming into the class after lunch one day without a scrap of make-up – this was in the 60s. She had done it to show us what damage we could do to our skin. I decided there and then not to bother with lotions and potions.

    1. econowiser Post author

      Wow, that’s an experience one is unlikely to forget.
      A dermatologist once told me I have the type of skin that grows old gracefully if I take good care of it…meaning protecting it from the sun and not smoking.

  3. Iforonwy

    Oh I forgot to say. The person making the 25 year old comment was Dutch. She was the most elegant person I have met in a very long time and was probably almost 80 years young.


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