Our Prime Minister Is Asking Us To Spend Our Money

Seriously, he did. If we start spending, then he won’t go through with the budget cuts. Hmmm…..don’t think anyone is going to jump on their feet and run to the stores ‘cuz the PM said so?!

In two weeks our Queen will abdicate and her son the new King will be coroneted. Maybe that will cause a nice little jump to our ever slowing economy? We’ll see. I don’t have a very strong opinion on our monarchy by the way. They hardly have any influence and the things they do are quite good, actually. I just see them as the permanent ambassadors of our country and it seems to attract business. And obviously I am not opposed to any reason to have a party. Each year on the 30th of April we celebrate Queensday. From next year onwards we’ll celebrate Kingsday on the 27th of April. I highly recommend visiting The Netherlands around that time. Oh, and don’t forget to wear orange!

Music festivals…

Yard sales but then in public parcs

Orange clothing or things that represent our flag = dress code!


Mrs EconoWiser


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