I Want To Go Camping!

I am so looking forward to go camping this season. Maybe this is because today’s been the first lovely spring day of 2013 here in The Netherlands.

We don’t pitch a tent…we have a very “luxurious” foldable caravan dating from the seventies. It unfolds like this one.

How cool is that? I totally looooooooooooove our foldable caravan. The brand is called Rapido and they stopped making them in the eighties because they were too labour intensive to make. They’re made of aluminium (or aluminum for Americans reading this) and would last a lifetime. Well, ours is from 1976 and it’s still going strong! What you don’t see in the video is that you also have these cool cupboard which you then hang on the walls. It has a dining area which can be converted in to the master bedroom area. We can also make two bunk beds for kids (if we had them, now we just use those to put stuff on). It’s soooooo funny pulling up a campsite with this thing. At first people don’t show any interest in our little caravan, but when we start unfolding this quirky thing we steal the show and people always come up and ask lots of questions. Of course, I am always very happy to answer all of them.

I bought mine over eleven years ago and I am still very happy with my purchase, on of the best purchases of my life. So is my husband. I already owned the caravan when we met and I made him an enthusiast as well.

Do you like to go camping?


Mrs EconoWiser


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