Money, Money, Money

This week I have started rummaging through the house and selecting things that I’d like to remove out of our home. Eventually, we will have a tidy, semi-minimalist household…I’m sure of it! So I’ve been putting lots of stuff on Craigslist and things have been sold nicely. This week I earned around  €150.

Our government has also decided to skip the 4 billion euro budget cuts that would have meant I wouldn’t get any extra salary. See, official’s salaries have been frozen for almost four years now. It seems that I am now going to get some extra dough there as well. Yeah!

Our Prime Minister wants us to start spending more and that’s why the government decided to not go through with the budget cuts. Well…I’ll let other people do the spending for me. We’re going to make another extra mortgage payment this month. HA!

Seems like I am going to work extra hours during the upcoming ten weeks. The Big Boss asked me to do so and I am willing to do that if he’s going to pay me handsomely which he will. Mo’ money, me like! However, I am not planning on doing that shit on a regular basis. I want to be FREE, right?

Is money flowing your way as well? ‘T feels good! Is that because of my changed, positive attitude towards the stuff?


Mrs EconoWiser


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