Comparing Investment Fees And Making Choices

Comparing investment fees:

Transaction fees Depository fees Management fees Currency fees Membership fee (annual)
Meesman € 25 (we’re members already)
Global Stock Index Fund (MSCI) 0,50% 0 0,50% 0 €100 minimum per month
European Stock Index Fund (MSCI) 0,50% 0 0,50% 0 €100 minimum per month
Emerging Markets Stock Index Fund (MSCI) 0,50% 0 0,65% 0 €100 minimum per month
Global Bond Fund 0,50% 0 0,60% 0 €100 minimum per month
Euro Bond Index Fund 0,50% 0 0,30% 0 €100 minimum per month
SNS Fundcoach € 0
Global Stock (MSCI) 0,50% 0,00% 0,50% 0,00% €500 minimum or €100 per month
European Stock (MSCI) 0,50% 0 0,50% 0 €500 minimum or €100 per month
Euro Bond 0,50% 0 0,30% 0 €500 minimum or €100 per month
Emerging Markets (MSCI) 0,50% 0 0,65% €500 minimum or €100 per month
US S&P500 available in dollars only 0,50% 0 0,38% 0,15% max €20 €500 minimum or €100 per month
Ohpen 0
Stock funds, bond funds, private equity and property funds 0,50% 0 0,50% 0 Information is unclear, no Vanguard funds, they select their own, a no for me
Brand New Day 0
Euro Bond 0,50% 0 0,50% 0 No switch fees
World Stock (MSCI) 0,50% 0 0,59% 0 No switch fees
Sustainability World Stock (SRI) 0,50% 0 0,75% 0 No switch fees
Small Cap World 0,50% 0 0,80% 0 No switch fees
Emerging Markets 0,50% 0 0,85% 0 No switch fees
Binck 0
Offer Vanguard funds and ThinkCapital (Dutch company, so Dutch taxbreak) €6,50 + 0,1% min €10 max €150 0 ? 0 You need an account in order to view TER
Alex 0
Offer many Vanguard funds €7,50 + 0,15% min €10 max €150 0,05 per quarter ? 0 You need an account in order to view TER
Rabobank You need a bank account with Rabobank, we have our mortgage with ABN Amro so we can’t switch
Emerging Markets 0,20% 0,20% 0,65% 0
Euro Bond 0,20% 0,20% 0,30% 0
European Stock 0,20% 0,20% 0,40% 0
S&P500 0,20% 0,20% 0,30% 0
Global Stock 0,20% 0,20% 0,40% 0
SRI Global 0,20% 0,20% 0,50% 0

Meesman and SNS Fundcoach are my favourites. We’re already with Meesman, but I am thinking of opening an account with SNS Fundcoach. Mind you, these people warned me about the new system as per the first of January 2014. So these fees will probably only be valid for the rest of this year. The fun part is that I can buy S&P500 through them, yay!

Ohpen remains a mystery for me. I don’t like their funds and they don’t seem to work together with Vanguard. Euro Bond funds only consist of Dutch and German bonds for example. I am not going to invest more time in trying to figure this out.

Brand New Day has a very cool and sexy website. The staff handling the phone are experienced and very nice. I would almost be persuaded to open an account with them…but looking at their fees I have decided against this.

Binck is another cool and sexy broker. They’re interesting if you have a lot of cash to invest in one go. I could open an account just for the fun of it and check out which Vanguard funds they have on offer.

Alex is like Binck, only more expensive. So that’s a no.

I finally managed to speak to a Rabobank employee that sounded like she knew what she was talking about. I love their management fees and transaction fees, but I hate their depository fees. In the end that will make up a large sum of your costs. Also, this really isn’t an option. You need to open a bank account with Rabobank if you want to invest there. I’m stuck with ABN Amro because of our mortgage (discount). And opening a bank account on which you do not have your salary deposited every month is very expensive. Rabobank is a no for me.

In conclusion, I am going to open an account with SNS Fundcoach and will keep a close eye on Binck…or maybe open an account (what the heck?!) and see where things go. 

And next time I post something it won’t be about stocks…I am fed up with thinking about them for now!


Mrs EconoWiser


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