Investing In Solar Panels

Investing in solar panels on the roof of one’s house is getting very popular here in The Netherlands. Our government subsidizes your purchase with a maximum of €650 and decided to lower the tax on the installment fee from 21% to 6% temporarily.

We looked around for offers and I believe we have two options. We can get 9 solar panels for €3950 (including the 6% tax break, excluding the €650 max subsidy) which will deliver about 2100 kWh a year. Alternatively, we can get 11 solar panels with some power optimizers for €5100 (including the 6% tax break, excluding the €650 max subsidy) which will deliver about 2550 kWh a year. With all these subsidies it is said one’s investment will be returned within 6 years. Now, that sounds like a great investment, right?

Now that our interest savings rates have dropped under 2%, solar panels might just be the best investment for one’s money these days.

Have you got solar panels? Why (not)?


Mrs EconoWiser


4 thoughts on “Investing In Solar Panels

  1. Zakelijk Bezuiniger

    I am also busy with solar panels. Also because the interest savings have dropped to lower then 2%. I didn’t receive the proposal yet, but I expect something around €5.500 euro for 3000 kWh per year excluding subsidy.

    With regards to the proposals that you’ve received. The proposal for 9 solar panels sound like a good proposal (€1.87 per kWh), the 11 soar panels sound like too expensive (€2 per kWh).

  2. Anonymous


    Just wondering if you guys decided to go ahead with the solar panels in the end? I know that the government subsidies are no longer available but it was something we were thinking about “investing” in ourselves now. If so I was wondering if they lived up to your expectation.


    1. econowiser Post author

      Hi Tom,
      No, we didn’t. We have big dormers on each side of our roof, so it would have been a huge challenge to place the panels appropriately. I am also hoping for new options, such as tiles with built-in solar panels.

  3. pez


    In my country the government doesn’t subsidize but levies an extra 0.365€/kg tax on solar panels, also on batteries and other electronics (like an inverter). That means a few hundred extra euros on a solar system, and we have the highest VAT, too.


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