We Own Almost A Quarter Of Our Home

Phew, we are tired after a wonderful Easter Music Festival. We saw many great acts and had lots of fun. Unfortunately, one cannot be frugal at these events. You have to buy tokens with which you can purchase food and drinks. You’re not allowed to bring food and drinks yourself. We spent more than €250 on food and drinks over the course of three days. Ouch…but worth it. We always go to this specific festival and LowLands. Sort of the beginning and roughly the end of the festival season.

Enough of our Easter fun…it’s also the first of April which means the numbers of the previous month are in! We are very happy to inform you that we now own almost a quarter of our home, 24,26% to be precise. I set the goal to own 25% of our home mid-2013 and we’re going to reach that for sure. The hardest part will be owning 30% of our home by the end of 2013. The husband was awarded a nice bonus (for goals reached at the end of 2012) this month which went straight into the mortgage. Cheers! I also made an extra mortgage payment since there was cash sitting around doing nothing in my checking account. I made the payment on the day I got my salary. I knew how much money I had left just before that deposit, and that’s the amount I wired towards the mortgage. I am going to adopt the same strategy at the end of this month again. At then end of next month (May) I’ll get my “holiday money”. That’s a common thing here in The Netherlands. Usually that adds up to almost a whole month’s salary, which I’ll immediately throw into the mortgage as well. Kick-ass!

The stocks and bonds department isn’t very interesting this time and it won’t be for some time. For we want to pay off the interest-only part of our mortgage before throwing extra money into investments. Our emergency fund is doing fine.

We’re you able to make some extra mortgage payments in March? Do you know how much of your home is actually yours?


Mrs EconoWiser


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