Spending Confessions

This has been a spendy week. We had a sushi dinner date with a former colleague of mine who has become a friend, but I don’t see very often. It was a very fun evening and it cost us €40 per person (the husband very much enjoyed the evening as well).

On my day off (Monday) I went on a sauna date with a friend of mine. We do this once or twice a year. We spent the whole day in the sauna and enjoyed the good food and some drinks there as well. This time it cost me €60 in total.

I spent €100 (and the husband €40) in one week on fun stuff. This is certainly not the amount we would spend in a “normal week” on fun stuff. But hey, what’s normal?

During Easter we will go to a music festival. We already paid for these tickets (€85 each) but drinks and food won’t come cheap. We’ve already been a couple of times and it’s great fun. Friday night, all Saturday and the whole Sunday filled with music and fun. Some friends are coming as well. Yup, another “not so normal spending week” coming up.

Anyhow, this is all guilt-free spending since we enjoy it so much. I have discovered that we do like to spend our money on fun experiences instead of stuff. That’s a major change compared to the person I was five years ago. We’ll still be able to make a nice extra mortgage payment by the end of this month…so I guess we’re still in line with our goals and enjoying life while we’re at it.

Which experiences do you spend money guilt-free on?


Mrs EconoWiser


2 thoughts on “Spending Confessions

  1. Mama Minou

    Sadly, almost nothing guilt-free at this point. A side effect of working so hard to save!
    But the closest to guilt-free are family activities with my husband and kids, like cultural events (dance concerts) or a day at the beach with a meal out.


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