Investing: Did We Start Too Freakin’ Late??

Yesterday the husband and myself were on our way to work and I was talking about investing and how much we should be putting into our investment accounts. I was pretty bummed when I concluded that it will take us decades before reaching a “safe amount” as in the 4% rule. The husband’s reply was: “Ah, so you figured that out as well…”

Hmpf. I’m almost 32 and he’s going to turn 35 this year. I have had an investment account for almost two years now and he’s only had one for less than a year. Plus, my side business has an investment account as well but that’s less than a year old as well. In total, we’re investing €500 a month right now (on top of aggressively paying off our mortgage). If only we figured this investing thing out ten years ago.

But we didn’t, so I shouldn’t be thinking about that. The bottom line is that we’re going to have to throw much more dough into our investment accounts. I’m still figuring out which brokers offer the Vanguard funds we want to invest in.

Did you start investing “on time”?


Mrs EconoWiser


6 thoughts on “Investing: Did We Start Too Freakin’ Late??

  1. turboseize

    No, I didn’t. Almost (there are exceptions, of course) nobody does. In fact, most do not start “in time”, they never start.
    Better late then never.

  2. Zakelijk Bezuiniger

    I would propose to look at it the other way around, it is never too late to start!

    Also don’t forget that when you have paid off your mortgage, the amount of money you can invest per month quadruples

  3. Mama Minou

    I started way, way too late! But I so agree with better late than never. (I’m 41)
    I’ve been questioning whether it’s better to pay down my mortgage, or buy index funds in taxable accounts. I think I will stay with the mortgage for now. Do you think this is wise?


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