Vanguard Fees Outside The U.S.

Now that I’m also a fan of Vanguard which makes me a Boglehead apparently and have decided to pump even more money into their index funds…I’m kinda bummed about the fact  that here in Holland you can’t open an investment account directly with Vanguard. Trust me, I phoned them. The only way to open a private account with them is to throw in a ridiculous amount of money. I sent them an email just now begging them to let me open a private account…pretty please?

Every time I read about Americans being able to open an investment account with Vanguard directly and paying as low as 0,18% in fees I am a bit A LOT jealous. Fuckity fuck! These are the fees we’re paying through an intermediary:

0,3% Global Bond Fund
0,5% European Stock Fund
0,5% Global Stock Fund
0,65% Emerging Markets Stock Fund

These rates aren’t absurd, I get that. However, it does feel like gettin’ swindled and pimped! With this particular intermediairy I can’t invest in REITs either…my ying needs a yang! I just don’t get why Vanguard chose this strategy outside the U.S. Do any of you? Head of International Business Jim Norris (not related to Chuck, I hope 😉 talks about how excited he is about Vanguard operating outside the U.S. Well, Jim, get your ass in gear and make sure EVERYONE can benefit from the low Vanguard fees. Thanks, mate!


Mrs EconoWiser


3 thoughts on “Vanguard Fees Outside The U.S.

    1. econowiser Post author

      Hi Jim,

      Not via the broker I’m currently with now. I received an email from Vanguard and I now know which brokers and banks to check out. So, I’ll get back to you on that. Could I send you an email about it?

      Kind regards,


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