The Difference Between F-You Money And Financial Independence

On this podcast (#2) by MadFIentist you can listen to a wonderful interview with Mr. Collins.

You’ll reach F-You money long before reaching financial independence. F-You money will give you the opportunity to feel bold and do something different. I hadn’t really thought about it like that up until now. It’s very true, though. I am in a position in which I feel very confident about my financial status already. I was asked to go on a useless business trip and I bluntly told my boss I wasn’t going. There were no consequences and I wasn’t fired. I was able to do this because of my ever growing ‘stash of F-You money looking back at this situation. Freedom, here I come!

I have also noticed I have sort of shifted paradigms. I now firmly believe Financial Independence is going to happen for us. Maybe I have started thinking like a rich person? It’s unavoidable, really. Especially when I heard J. Collins sum up his ideas at the end of the interview:

  1. Avoid debt
  2. Spend less than you earn
  3. Invest the surplus

And you can’t help getting rich in more ways than you think.

Now those thoughts are epic!

I’m already halfway reading Mr. Collins’ blog and I’ll spend the rest of my weekend reading the other half.

Have you read his blog yet?


Mrs EconoWiser

4 thoughts on “The Difference Between F-You Money And Financial Independence

  1. Valhalla

    I used al the F-you money to pay off a part of our mortgage 😉 54.000 in a little more than 2 years, of which I am pretty proud since I quit my job in 2012. Now we just need one idiot who dares to buy a house in times like these so we can sell the house and make a new start in Norway. And if we keep paying off like we did the last 2 years, it’ll only take 3 years before we have paid off one part of the mortgage. So maybe the husband can work 4 days instead of 5, or maybe 3 if he makes some extra money by start powdercoating again.

    But I think besides the F-you money, it is good to have the f-you lifestyle too. When I wanted to become a stay at home-mom for some time, I made the decision to really do it in one evening and could tell the next day that I was going to quit. Since we do not give a *piep* about new cars, clothes, gadgets, eating in restaurants or things like that I knew we could live very well on one salary.

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