The Numbers Are In!

Oh, how I love the first of the month!

We now own 23.17% of our home. Almost a quarter of it is ours! Yeah! We bought the house in May 2010 when there were only drawings. They were finished in May 2011 and we moved in around October 2011.

In May this year we will have had a mortgage for three whole years. How cool would it be to have paid off 25% of our house in three years?! That’s going to be our new goal. We have three months to pay off 1.83% of our mortgage. I am going to be so proud of us if we pull this off!

Oh, I should inform my husband about this as well…shouldn’t I? 😉

Were you able to make an extra mortgage payment recently?


Mrs EconoWiser


8 thoughts on “The Numbers Are In!

  1. Daantje

    We didn’t do an extra payment, but we did the normal one, and that’s also a good feeling 🙂 I hope to do an extra one next month 🙂

  2. Valhalla

    That is a looot in such a short period. Great for you, must be a very comfy feeling! I recently paid 600, and this month probably another 1500, I hope. Then our mortgage has gone from 288000 to 234000, in only two years. I’m pretty proud of that!

  3. Valhalla

    Round numbers are always a good reason for a little party! One part of the mortgage recently went from a 9 to an 8 as first number. I was very happy with that too. But owning a quarter of your house after 3 years… will be a reason for a little party, *with* champagne!

    1. econowiser Post author

      That would be awesome! I have to say that we put a lot of savings that we gathered over the past years in the mortgage as well. We borrowed extra money because we bought a new-built house. We didn’t know how much of those savings we would need. But having that mortgage and a huge amount of savings felt ridiculous…so we started throwing our savings in our mortgage. The good news is that we can certainly pay off our mortgage in full within 20 years. We lowered our mortgage from 30 to 26 years already and plan to lower it again after we paid off the interest-only part of our mortgage (another €23.000 to go!).


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