Sale Shopping With A Clear Goal

Today we hit a certain store that sells sports equipment. We knew there would be a huge end of season sale on. The husband ripped his snowboard jacket which is also his regular winter jacket. He needs a proper jacket with him cycling year round and our horrid Dutch weather. This jacket could be transformed to fit all seasons. Unfortunately, we didn’t find another one that would do the same trick. However, we bought him two jackets…a summer and a winter version. We now bought him an extremely waterproof winter jacket at €119 (from €229 Brunotti) which we thought was a good deal. We think it’s worth the “investment”. And we bought an extremely waterproof spring/summer jacket at €41.99 (from €179.99 Wildebeast) which was an even better deal. So for the next two years he’ll be nice and dry every day.

Saving even more money on these items by looking for second-hand stuff didn’t make sense to us. The husband will be wearing these things while biking an hour and a half every day. We’re happy with our purchases. Mr. Money Mustache also buys this type of shit new in big sales, so why shouldn’t we?

Phew, as soon as we found the stuff we aimed to get we got out of that store and onto our bikes. Saturdays are crazy down town!


Mrs EconoWiser


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