Dutch Behind On Their Mortgage Payments

Today I read a newspaper article about the fact that some of my fellow Dutch(wo)men are behind on their monthly mortgage payments. Right now, about 77.000 cheese lovers are behind.

I have never been behind paying rent or mortgage. This must be an extremely stressful situation. I mean, the thing you pay first is the house you live in, isn’t it?

At one point in my life I did rent out rooms to students for about a year. I lived in this big (cheap!) house alone and I was a student. One of the two girls was always late with her payments. It just annoyed me so much. I couldn’t get around her behaviour. She would go shopping, but would always be at least a week late with her payments.

This experience hasn’t thrown out my dream of being a landlord in the future, by the way.

Have you ever been late with your payments? Would you like to become a landlord?


Mrs EconoWiser


4 thoughts on “Dutch Behind On Their Mortgage Payments

  1. Mama Minou

    I feel uncomfortable if I’m not paid ahead at least three mortgage payments!
    And yes, I’d like to be a landlord someday…but I think it is wiser to pay off my current mortgage first for peace of mind.

    1. econowiser Post author

      Can you pay ahead mortgage payments? I don’t know whether that’s possible here in The Netherlands…sound good though! I should check that out! Indeed, we would like to pay off our own mortgage before landlording.

  2. Mama Minou

    It may depend on the bank and mortgage details, but it’s possible with mine (no more than 5 months when paying online, but that’s probably more than needed anyway). I like to keep it paid ahead as part of our emergency fund. After that, I am putting all I can toward the principal these days! It’s nice to read about someone doing the same. 🙂

    1. econowiser Post author

      I think we’ll be in trouble with our tax system. We have a difficult to explain mortgage part where we save, but keep the entire mortgage debt. Because of this one receives a huge tax break from the government. The system doesn’t make sense, but it’s there and we calculated it was very beneficial for us. Anyway, if we pay off too much in one year we could lose the whole tax break thing. But I’ll have to look into that. Other than that we are throwing extra cash in the savings part and we are paying off the interest-only part of the mortgage.


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