DIY Project

We had two dormers placed on each side of the roof of our house. Dormers are very common in The Netherlands in order to create bedrooms out of the loft space. We now have two extra bedrooms in our loft because of the additions. However, they have created some useless space at the far end of each room because of the oblique part about 60cm before the wall starts. We decided we would like to have those two parts filled up with built-in cupboards to make the best use of the room.

The walls sort of look like this now:

We went about our usual ways when it comes to DIY: hate it, can’t do it, don’t wanna do it…pay somebody else to do this shit. Not very Mustachian, I know. So we asked two contractors to estimate how much a built-in cupboard. The invoices were shocking! They ranged from €2600 to €3600 EACH! Boohooh! However, we didn’t want to become a bunch of complainypantses. Plus, we still wanted the cupboards because these two rooms are hopefully going to be the kids’ rooms in the future and a place to store their stuff would come in handy we guess…

Then my father came up with a great idea. Why don’t we buy Ikea stuff and make it fit? He’ll help us out with the project. I calculated the costs per room and it will come down to as little as €600 each! I already drew up a plan, know which materials we need and we think we have the confidence to tackle our first DIY come Ikea project. Will keep you posted with pictures!

Mustachianism keeps challenging us every single day. Hopefully we won’t be too scared about DIY projects after this one. It should be fairly easy and simple I have been assured…


Mrs EconoWiser


2 thoughts on “DIY Project

  1. Mama Minou

    Are you familiar with the website Ikea Hacks? It’s full of interesting ideas from people who have taken Ikea items as a starting point and altered them to fit a need or project. Sounds like your rooms will look great–congratulations on your foresight it getting them ready now!


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