Buying 4HB Stuff

Yes, I have been shopping for the 4 Hour Body plan. I am really excited about the book and I would like to give this a go.

I bought a second-hand Bosu ball for €60 which normally retails around €150. I am going to be using this for the 6-minute ab exercises.

I also bought whey protein, since I need to get 30 grams of protein in my system within half an hour of waking. This was on sale from €41.99 to €26.99 and it’s chocolate flavoured!

I am still looking for a second-hand kettlebell of 10-12 kilo, but I haven’t found one yet. Hopefully I’ll find an affordable version soon. I’d like to swing this thing three times a week.

One of the author’s tips is to track whatever you’re doing so you’ll stick to it. I have been tracking my weight for the past week and it works. I have been tracking our expenses for quite a while and that has worked wonders. So I am counting on a lean body a couple of months from now!


Mrs EconoWiser



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