New Month, New Numbers

Oh, how I love to calculate “the numbers”. You can check out the mortgage, savings and investments tab for a full overview.


We now own 22.66% of our home compared to 21.52% a month ago. I just love making extra mortgage payments!

Our investment portfolio increased by a whopping 2%! Index investing ROCKS!


Our emergency fund dropped from 74.11% (41.66% is our minimum, check the MSI tab for the weird way I calculate this thing. I should probably calculate this the other way around…) to 66.07%. This drop was caused by the extra mortgage payments and winter sport.


We are on a roll here and I am officially a personal finance junkie.


Mrs EconoWiser


5 thoughts on “New Month, New Numbers

  1. Mama Minou

    Hi Mrs EconoWiser,
    I found your blog through MMM and enjoyed your posts. I am also in your same situation–so excited about watching my mortgage balance drop (though they are organized differently here in the U.S.). It’s exciting watching that balance go down–I’m graphing it monthly (truly geeky!).

  2. Anonymous

    Want to have some real fun and motivation.
    Measure the ground floor of your house than take the principal you owe on the loan and divide
    on total floor plan. Next get some cheap painters masking tape and mark how much of your home you own. As the tape moves more slowly across the floor you stay motivated and it is a great conversation piece when friend visit regularly.


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