It’s Raining…

A LOT here in The Netherlands. This week my husband and I got soaked while riding our bikes to work. Since we don’t cheat and drive the car instead (one of us would still be soaking wet because we have one car) we just had to endure it.

We do have proper rain suits, so our clothes stayed dry. However, our backpacks and shoes (and socks!) were soaking wet every time. The contents of our bags were suffering from this. My husband carries a laptop which he already has a plastic bag around in order to protect it from the water.

Before winter it had crossed my mind to buy these type of covers for our bags and shoes.

I wish I had done it then and got them at the cheapest rate. Obviously I didn’t and yesterday we were fed up with this. After work I went into town and bought two covers for our backpacks at €9.95 each and covers for our shoes at €22.95 per pair.

There were probably better deals out there, but I decided not to spend lots of time searching for them. We needed the stuff NOW.

Another lesson learnt…

I am off to work and it’s raining cats and dogs right now…


Mrs EconoWiser


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