Dare I Tell You About This?

Ehm…yeah…so…we were toying with the idea of another winter sport holiday. We started looking around for cheap apartments and we found one which was extremely cheap. Much cheaper than the one we booked a couple of weeks ago. That one was €585 in total and this one’s only €425 for a whole week. Then we started thinking whether we were really going to do this.

Here are our lame-ass reasons:

  • I’m still not pregnant
  • Hopefully I’ll get pregnant soon and that probably means no skiing for the first couple of years until the little brats are old enough to join a kiddie class (unless some grandparents want to come along and watch them which I think is very unlikely to happen)
  • We enjoyed our previous winter sport so much, it was great for the body (I lost two kilo, yay!) and mind (we spent lots of quality time together, I love my hubby!), seriously!
  • I would really like to become a competent skier
  • We will go on a cheap summer holiday using our foldable caravan
  • We can fork over the dough
  • We like to “buy experiences” instead of stuff these days. We just are the couple that travel a lot and enjoy the memories
  • Just cuz we can?

Anyways, no turning back now. We booked it!

Please, be nice!


Mrs Econo…yeah right…


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