Our Apple Purchase And Business Investment

Yes, we did. We spent €1350 on an Apple Mac Mini. Since I bought it on my business’ name (I own the our business gig due to practical reasons concerning my husband’s career) we will receive a tax break from it. I think it cost us half the amount that way.

Hey, but buying new Apple products isn’t very Mustachian is it? Indeed, you’re right. However, my husband and I are working on new business ideas. We have a couple of ideas for apps and we are currently working on one. We didn’t buy a new screen or whatever, just the device we (my husband) needed in order to start developing apps. He’s currently going through free online courses on how to build apps by a professor over at Stanford. I just love the fact that this sort of information is out there and available for free.

I am working on the app as well by setting up and writing out the whole idea. I hope this will become another interesting side gig for us!


Mrs EconoWiser


2 thoughts on “Our Apple Purchase And Business Investment

  1. cashrebel

    If I bought a brand new apple computer, it would be a giant splurge, but in your case it sounds like a savvy business investment. Best of luck with the app building. What online course is it?


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