Our Shopping Spree

Today my husband and I went shopping. He needed jeans and another running outfit. So hopped on our bikes and we cycled to the city centre. Since it was a Friday afternoon it wasn’t too crowded and we knew exactly which store to go to because they have jeans that fit my husband perfectly. We stormed in, grabbed a few designs in his size off the racks and he tried them on. He bought 3 pairs of jeans on sale.

I quickly had a look at leather bags in the same store since my handbag (I only have one and use that one) is tearing apart. I have specific requirements so the search was rather quick. Unfortunately, none of the bags on sale fit my requirements.

Off to the next store for our sports gear. That took a bit more time and the sales racks were scattered all over the place. It took us quite a while to find what we wanted to try on. In the end, my husband bought running pants and a long-sleeved shirt which were the items he was looking for. Unfortunately, these weren’t on sale but we couldn’t be bothered. He runs three times a week and only has two pairs of running outfits for winter. When going to the cashier to pay we were really fed up with the whole shopping thing. We had been at it for about an hour and we just wanted to go home.

My mum asked me to go shopping with her. I told her I really dislike shopping these days and there’s nothing I need (or want, for that matter) right now. I hope she won’t ask me again.

Do you dislike shopping for clothes as well?


Mrs EconoWiser


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