The Amount We Saved In 2012

So, 2012 was an expensive year for us. We made some big purchases in January for our house. And we went on holiday to India, skiing in Austria and chilling in Germany. We only got back into our old frugal mode from a couple of years ago around mid-2012. Now that I have last year’s numbers I can see that we still managed to save/not spend a whopping 20% of our income that year!

Mr. Money Mustache thinks one should save 50%-75% of one’s income in order to retire really early. That triggered me into calculating whether we would be able to do such a thing. When I extract the outrageously expensive holidays and the one time purchases for our home we could be saving about 33% of our income. Wow, that sounds like fun and not too bad! Of course, our winter sport last week doesn’t help for this year’s total…

As a result I have put a new goal for 2013 on my list. Saving/not spending at least 30% of our income, which we’ll put into our mortgage.

I just keep on calculating percentages and I think it’s a lot of fun. I didn’t know we were doing so well, yay! Early retirement, here we come!


Mrs EconoWiser


4 thoughts on “The Amount We Saved In 2012

  1. spaarolifantje

    And I think MrMoneyMustache also specifically looks at the American situation, where your pension (from the government or from your company) is very small and you need to save up for retirement all by yourself. If that’s part of his 50% idea, then for us Dutch people it can be a bit less (assuming that we will still get a pension by the time we are ready to retire…).

      1. spaarolifantje

        I guess THAT totally depends on what amount of money you’re striving for. I use to calculate how far I’m from retiring. It helps with the calculations, but do look at the results yourself. (If you put in that you can live on less than what we currently get from the government after age 67, it will let you build up a debt before age 67 and assumes that you’ll pay it off after age 67 – which could be mathematically true, but will never be allowed in real life, nobody will lend you that money!).

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