Retirement At 71.5?!

Today I read a Dutch article about the increase of retirement age in our country. Our government drew up some new rules. I already knew that my mother will retire at 66 and nine months but my father will retire at 67. They own their own business and my mother’s two years older than my father. Which basically means my mother has to work till she’s 69!

Anyway, for me it’s even worse. I am 31 years old now and I’ll be 32 in April this year. According to presumptions and calculations made in the article I will probably we awarded my pension at 71.5! This means I have another 40 years of labour to get through. I really can’t imagine doing what I am doing now at the age of 65 (which used to be the age for retirement)…let alone when I am 70 (if I live to see that age)!

All the more reason to keep on saving and investing for an early retirement!

What are things like in your country?


Mrs EconoWiser


4 thoughts on “Retirement At 71.5?!

  1. spaarolifantje

    I’m in the Netherlands too, and I’m saving (and will keep saving) to be able to retire earlier! I want to start enjoying retirement when I’m still young and mobile enough to really enjoy it 🙂


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