We’re Back, What Did We Spend?

Oh, how I loved our week in Austria! I learnt to ski rather properly and can now handle any blue slope. I chose to book private lessons since you waste too much time standing and watching other people trying to make proper turns when in classes. At least, that was my experience last year. Anyways, this is what we spent:

Petrol: 255 (very cheap in Germany and Austria, the total is also a lot cheaper compared to flying)

Cash: 220 (lunches and apres ski and eating out for dinner once)

Studio apartment: 515 (the cheapest we could find, it was rather big though and suited all our needs)

Hotel close to our apartment: 78 (including dinner and breakfast, this way we had a day extra for our skiing and snowboarding)

Groceries: 85 (we only ate out once, the rest was “home cooked”, this saved us A LOT of money)

Private lessons: 417 (worth every penny or euro cent, I would not have been able to ski without these lessons, so it wouldn’t have made sense to not book these)

Ski passes: 470

Materials: 50 (my goggles broke, so I had to buy new ones on the spot)

Total: 2090

OUCH! Of course we knew that this was going to be an expensive holiday. Winter sport just is… I am glad that we were able to keep the costs down here and there. Last year we spent double that amount, so we are getting a bit EconoWiser in this area! Still, I couldn’t say that there was any sensible saving here… I am going to think of a plan for a cheap summer holiday 😉


Mrs EconoWiser


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