The Latest Numbers Are Up

Hmph, our extra mortgage payment in December of 2012 worth 5.3% of our annual average expenses or almost twice our monthly expenses barely made a dent in our total. We went from owning 20.72% of our home by December 1st to 21.52% by January 1st. Nevertheless, we are more than keen on throwing another extra mortgage payment in there this month. After our winter sport holiday, that is. We’d like to wait after this expense. We’re leaving tomorrow, by the way.

The good news is that there is enough money left in our emergency fund to make extra mortgage payments. We like to hold 41.66% of our annual average expenses as a bare minimum. Right now we have 74.11% in there.

Ah, now I can create an all new fresh and crispy clean 2013 excel spreadsheet. A couple of years ago I never would have guessed I would come to love this accounting job, but I do!

Do you like doing your finances?


Mrs EconoWiser


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